Unpaid Carers & The Cost of Living

This is the thing. Lots of people talking about if they don’t get pay rises of at least 7% they are accepting a pay cut and the rising cost of energy bills they are worried they won’t be able to afford to pay.

Unpaid carers don’t get pay rises. Regardless of inflation, the cost of living, whatever. They send you the letter that says “the amount the government says you can live on £64.45”.

And for those in sunny Bolton at least, you have to have Pay as you go gas and electricity meters in your social housing homes. They are already more expensive to pay for energy on. But we won’t get to make an installments arrangement or remind them they can’t shut the electricity off with disabled dependants – the house simply falls dark and cold once the money has run out.

I think about the carers who look after those who need machines to keep the one they’re caring for…safe, well, alive. They need that equipment but how can they manage it? This isn’t work equipment, not a company building, they don’t get training, they don’t get breaks, they don’t get pay according to performance reviews and carers allowance is no where near minimum wage.

So they will sit, without support or recognition, in the cold and the dark and watch. Watch the person they gave up everything for out of love, deteriorate and die. And there’s nothing they can do about it.

But you know, people on benitfits are scum right, so who gives a shit.

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